ScoutSeven was founded in 2004 by Leda Dederich, a veteran social change strategist with 17 years of experience producing high-impact technology and communications initiatives for organizations and campaigns.

Leda’s unique background includes extensive experience with online organizing, strategic communications, technology planning and implementation, organizational development, and training.

Her many roles have included coder, producer, project manager, trainer/facilitator, communications strategist, online director, online campaign manager, technology coach, and senior advisor.

A staunch believer in the interplay between the virtual and physical realms, her experience as an on-the-ground organizer strongly influences her work. She advocates for the vital intersection of compelling narratives, innovative tools, enterprise class technology standards, and social justice values.

Previous lives include working as a graphic design instructor, travel writer and community arts organizer.

Leda holds an honors degree in Comparative Literature from the University of California at Berkeley. She resides in Oakland, California with her partner and two children.