Process Guides

Development Process Guide file_pdf
A standard process guide for developing a small-medium sized website.This provides helpful context for those new to technology project management.

Online Work Plan Templatefile_doc
A template that serves as a guide for developing a project plan for a website or online campaign. It walks you through a set of basic questions, which help refine your strategic objectives and basic project requirements.


GRPlaybookCoverIn partnership with the Salesforce Foundation, the fabulous Sam Dorman developed this starter guide for those considering a implementation. Full of wisdom and helpful anecdotes, this is a very worthy read for those evaluating the true costs and benefits of going down the Salesforce path.

Online Technology for Social Change (2006)Online Technology for Social Change: From Struggle to Strategy
This report compiles insights from more than 400 social change organizations, technology providers, and nonprofit technology capacity builders. Published in September, 2006, the report examined the needs of organizers working to utilize new technologies, and offered recommendations for how to meet those needs more effectively. Many years later, the findings are still relevant.