We work at all levels of your organization – supporting both leadership and on-the-ground staff – to get your project from vision to completion. Whether you’re looking to build a new website, update your old one, design an integrated communications infrastructure, or delve into the world of Salesforce.com, we can get you there. Services include:

Strategic Technology Planning

  • Vision – short- and long-range planning
  • Assess – technology audits, evaluation, and competitive review
  • Resource – refine budget and human resource requirements of new technology initiatives
  • Roadmap  – develop multi-year roadmap to suit organization’s unique circumstances

Project Leadership

Provide hands-on leadership and oversight for the development and roll-out of large-scale technology initiatives—websites, blogs, CRMs, email and donor management systems, advocacy platforms, or custom web applications.

  • Work with key stakeholders to define (and refine!) project vision
  • Analyze and develop project requirements
  • Manage vendor and tool selection process – RFP development, vendor interviews, tools analysis, competitive review
  • Coordinate and manage vendors and external partners during project lifecycle
  • Develop project plans, manage milestones and tasks. Work with organizational leadership and implementation staff to keep projects on track.
  • Provide budget oversight and ongoing risk management
  • Act as translator and counsel to senior leadership, provide ongoing status reports
  • Assure integration between old and new systems, ongoing data integrity, etc.
  • Manage long-term staffing requirements – work with organization to recruit new staff and long-term technology partners
  • Experienced supervising the rollout of complex Salesforce.com implementations, including FoundationConnect

Change Management

When new technology is introduced into an organization, discomfort and resistance often accompanies this change. Even if people are eager for something new, they still have to adjust to it. Change management is the process by which these transitions are streamlined. An effective change management process ensures that a technology project rolls out successfully, staff adopt new tools, and every one is happy.

  • Develop strategies to accommodate anticipated shifts in organizational culture, business processes, and individual technology use
  • Design a roadmap and overall communications plan
  • Oversee staff development and training
  • Customize strategies suited to the unique requirements of Salesforce.com rollouts


  • Support senior leadership to understand technology landscape, make informed decisions, and manage project risks
  • Support and mentor internal teams to manage complex projects, skill-build, and adapt to new roles